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About Us: The El Jalisco Success Story

The formation of El Jalisco is a testament to the continued existence of the American Dream within the contemporary world. We are a successful chain restaurant that has been operated primarily by a tight-knit network of close friends and family members. We can contribute our origins to the ideas of a humble man named Jesus Carranza and his nephew. Jesus Carranza who was working in a restaurant within Panama City as a dishwasher. From here, Carranza was able to silently observe how the restaurant business functioned on a daily basis. He essentially began to hone his skills from the bottom of the totem pole. As a dishwasher, he studied the arts of cooking, waitressing, bussing and cleaning. Carranza’s nephew recognized his unlimited potential and began to attempt to motivate his uncle to start his own business. Carranza’s nephew was able to light the flame of inspiration, and Jesus Carranza began to take the necessary steps required to turn his visions into a reality. This is a case of extreme patience, tenacity, and hard work paying off.

El Jalisco, Mexico

Jesus Carranza and his nephew had agreed to split the cost of the business right down the middle. All they needed to do was find a location and establish their first shop. After the pair found such a location, they obtained all of the necessary paperwork and shortly opened their first restaurant together. The name El Jalisco is derived from Jesus Carranza’s hometown, Jalisco Mexico. He clearly had his family and close friends from that hometown in mind when the two created this shop. In hindsight, it is safe to say that on that day, a nephew and uncle constructed the origins of a modern-day dynasty and made a restaurant destined to achieve great success.

A Mexican Tradition, An American Dream

In an incredibly brief thirteen-month time period, Jesus Carranza and his nephew attained the resources to allow them to open up a second shop. They did so without hesitation, and to this day they will claim that it was through the will of God that they were successful enough to be given this opportunity. After the second shop opened, business began to accelerate at an exponential rate. In no time, the two were able to establish an additional six restaurants. At this point, they drastically needed to hire more employees. Despite the company’s rapid growth, the pair made a point to only hire family members and close friends. This would help them ensure that they were hiring quality personnel whom they knew they could trust. For the most part, this is a business practice that El Jalisco continues today. As the business continued to profit and expand, Jesus Carranza’s family became increasingly intertwined. The success of the family could be directly correlated with the success of the business.

The Business of Great Food

Today, our business maintains its successes as it continues to sustain a period of thriving profits and expansion. Each of establishments are successfully operated and managed by a small staff consisting of about four to six persons. We have been able to stick to the owners’ wish to keep El Jalisco a business that is run primarily by close friends and family members. After all, a large percentage of our success as a restaurant is owed to the continued hard work and devotion that our family members and friends have provided over the years. The owners have always claimed that the hard work shown by our family, coupled with the will of god is the two largest contributing factors to the success of El Jalisco.

The Future of Mexican Cuisine in America

Despite the multitudes of success that we have been able to achieve as a company in the past, we are far from done in terms of expansion. We shall continue to carry on the same traditions of devotion towards this restaurant that the Jesus Carranza and his nephew expressed since day one. Through our continued hard work and dedication, we plan to create many more restaurants that are just as committed to maintaining the standard of excellence that we have labored to establish. As new El Jalisco restaurants open up across America, they continue to receive raving reviews from critics and customers alike. These allow us to reflect positively upon our accomplishments as an organization and enable us to proudly step forth as we step into the future.


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El Jalisco is a family restaurant in the Southeast US serving up the best Mexican food in Florida and Alabama. Stop by for our world-famous fajitas tonight.
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