Got to go in Tally, but need a place to eat?

Got to go in Tally, but need a place to eat?


So you got El Jalisco to-go: lucky you! Now all you need to decide is where you’re going to eat it.

If the couch isn’t good enough for you and your amazing dinner, then you should be sure to take it someplace special to enjoy your dish in peace.

If you need some suggestions, here are our top six recommendations, ranging from the calm and traditional to the outright adventurous.

  1. Wacissa River

If natural beauty is your thing, try the Wacissa River’s fifteen miles of spring water. A natural haven for animals from all walks of life, Wacissa is paradise! Thirteen spring heads produce beautiful, crystal clear waters that are home to alligators and other animals.

We recommend taking your kayak (and your dinner) down this beautiful river to appreciate the natural beauty.

  1. Railroad Square Art Park

If you want some art and culture, Railroad Square Art Park is home to more than 50 galleries, shops, and studios where you can meet some of the city’s best artists.

You can get a coffee in a café built out of a real railroad caboose, and their gallery hop the first Friday of the month is a must-see. Railroad Square is a fantastic mix of great art, good vibes, and a lowkey environment.

You may feel so inspired that you decide to paint your delicious dinner!

  1. Tree-to-Tree Adventure

If you like adventures and museums, the Tallahassee Museum’s tree-top playground is set amid 52 acres of Florida cypress swamps. Relax in the tree tops with your dinner, then take a zip line down one of the three courses.

  1. Mission San Luis

If you are looking for more culture in your dinner but you still want to explore, then take your Jalisco to Mission San Luis! You’ll be transported to the 1600’s to a replica mission where Apalachee Native Americans once mingled with Spanish immigrants, coexisting in relative peace.

Before a British attack in 1704, the mission was home to more than 1400 people, and the museum is a fantastic testament to that history.

This structure is the only Spanish mission left in Florida, and the size of the mission alone is enough to merit a visit.

  1. Goodwood Museum & Gardens

If you want to experience an 1840’s plantation as it once was, Goodwood Museum is the place to go. It’s been a museum since the 1970’s, but it feels like a moment frozen in time. Before the Civil War it was the seat of over 2,400 acres of cotton and corn and worked by as many as 240 slaves.

Today, the museum is a testament to the power of history, and the gardens are a beautiful place to take a stroll.

  1. Soar High Above Tallahassee On A Helicopter

Last, but not least… want to take your dinner up into the sky? Then take it with you on a helicopter tour of Tallahassee!

There are a few pilots who will take you and your dinner on a tour of the city, and the views are breathtaking. We recommend a tour of downtown to get an aerial view of the Mag Lab, FSU football stadium, Don Veller Seminole Golf Course, Capitol building and more.

Be sure to buckle up your to-go box in case of turbulence!


We wish you a happy dinner and a wonderful dining experience, whether you take your dinner on a trip or just enjoy it at home.