Why We Have The Best Fajitas In Tallahassee

Good food, good friends, and good times are the hallmarks of a fantastic dining experience, and at El Jalisco we pride ourselves on serving up as many amazing meals as possible to the people of Tallahassee. Our fajitas are a perfect example. Delicious, nutritious, and bursting with flavor, we think our fajitas are the best […]

Where did the taco come from?

The taco: the mainstay of Mexican cuisine and beloved emblem of the foundation of many a delicious meal. It’s iconic, important, and above all, delicious. But surprisingly, the origins of this national dish are relatively murky. The name “taco” has unclear origins. One theory is that it derived from the 18th century Mexican silver mines. […]

Mexican Street Food: Antojitos

Walk down Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City and you’ll find yourself indulged with architecturally modern buildings with colonial charm you can also find many museums, arts and craft street venders, and monuments that represents deep-seated stories of Mexico. In the heart of it all there’s Mexican street food that paints the avenues with […]