5 Best Goals from Mexico

There have been many great goals from Mexico over the years and we thought, with the upcoming game from Cameroon we need to get the party going right! Here are some of our favorite goals! #1 #2 #3 #4   Unfortunately we couldn’t post it here’s the link: http://youtu.be/7ze8AgkB64U?t=1m30s   #
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Mexico’s World Cup Soccer History

  El Tricolor is a proud and storied Mexican tradition. The Mexico national soccer team has made it into the FIFA World Cup 14 times — including this upcoming 2014 World Cup in Brazil — and it’s one of only six teams to have successfully qualified consecutively since the 1994 World Cup, which was played in the US. And although El Tri has never won, its presence has always been felt — fueled by a supremely talented pool of Mexican
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Cinco De Mayo: An ElJ’s True Mexican Story

El Tri
This Here Is a Mexican Standoff After all the excesses of Santana’s dictatorship and Mexico’s Reform War (1857–1861), Mexico was bankrupt.  Happy about being elected but surely a little pissed about being broke, President Benito Juárez made it clear to his debtors that Mexico unable to pay its debts — especially to those far-away creditor countries of Europe. Really, what were they going to do, jump on a ship and come a’knocking. Well, yes. That’s exactly what they did. In
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Will You Win El Jalisco Panama City’s Golden Ticket

At El Jalisco, we’re cooking up something sweet for our friends in Panama City. Starting this month, El Jalisco Panama City will be giving one lucky winner $30 toward their bill. And winning couldn’t be any easier. We’re giving you three ways to win: 1. Win on Facebook To win through Facebook is easy. When you’re out at El Jalisco or around town in Panama City, tag us in your photos using the “tag people in your post” feature or
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Meet the New Southwood Manager: Edgar Gamez

Edgar Gamez is just like any other hard working young man, except with him, his hard work paid off at an early age. It wasn’t long before El Jalisco’s jefes became acquainted with Edgar’s drive, tenacious attitude, and most importantly his honesty. It was those very attributes that influenced Fernando (one of the El jalisco founders) to promote Edgar to a Manager position. Edgar humbly started off as a busser at the Monroe location three years ago. He recalls being
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Mexican Street Food: Antojitos

Elote- Mexican Street Food
Walk down Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City and you’ll find yourself indulged with architecturally modern buildings with colonial charm you can also find many museums, arts and craft street venders, and monuments that represents deep-seated stories of Mexico. In the heart of it all there’s Mexican street food that paints the avenues with flavorful aromas of antojitos. Antojitos or street food in Mexico, ecompasses a major role in the rich Mexican culture honing their title as having the
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Mexican Food Recipes From Different Pueblos: Carne Asada Fajita

Carne Asada Fajita
At El Jalisco, We’re known for our bold yet delicately flavored dishes made with fresh ingredients greatly inspired by our home country, Mexico. We would like to bring you some of the many flavors of Mexico with our series of “Mexican Food Recipes from Different Pueblos” We’ll feature many different authentic foods inspired by pueblos in Mexico. We’ll also share recipes for  you to bring the flavors of Mexico to your home to share with your family and friends. We’ll start with
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9 Mexican New Year Traditions

It’s that time of year to bring on good cheers and as the year 2013 is coming close to an end, many people are getting ready to celebrate their own way of welcoming the new year. Just like any other culture, Mexicans love to gather with close friends and family wishing love and prosperity for the coming year. What make our culture unique are the rituals and traditions that are performed before and after midnight to welcome those blessings upon
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Authentic Mexican Food Prepared by Our Family, Served Fresh to Yours

El Jalisco Mexican Restaurant is the result of hard work and a passion for good food. It represents our family’s dedication to our craft. We take great pride in ensuring that your meal is served to a standard set very high by generations of Mexican-food perfectionists. On your next family dinner, we invite you to dine at our house. For more than 10 years, Jesus Carranza and his family have honed their craft to bring Tallahassee and Panama City authentic
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